We’re on a roll

The JCUMSA recognises the significant difficulties many students are current going through and has decided to establish (2) basic forms to apply to either donate a small number of toilet paper rolls or to conversely be on the recieving end of these donations. Donors will be matched by the JCUMSA based on proximity, year group and requests enclosed for items. This initiative arose from the fact that many students, particulary those on rural placement who are isolated from their families, friends and civilisation itself are inevitably concerned about COVID-19. While we’re all stuck at home we were forced to innovate and the warm embrace of a fresh two-ply Kleenex sheet of toilet paper never fails to make someone feel warm and fuzzy inside!

In order to get involved with the project, please fill out (1) of the forms below depending on your circumstances. 

YOU've heard of vampire cup

Now there's another drive to join!

Now that you’ve donated your biological material, why not give away some of your materialistic possessions to ascend to philanthropic levels of moral superiority? With no side effects, and no risk involved everyone should give big into this incredible world-first initiative.

More details below.

How it all works

Donors will be matched with a suitable recipient by the JCUMSA. A suitable donor should be found within two weeks of submission. After a match is found, a JCUMSA officer will contact each party to organise the donation and shipping etc. by grouping donors and recipients together. For those donors that opt to remain anonymous to their recipients, a JCUMSA officer will contact you directly with personal details on your matched recipient and it is your responsibility to organise shipping of your items.

Recipients will be updated on the status of their care packages as soon as we are given the information from donors. Communication will be via your chosen preference on the form.

This world-first system relies on trust

Obviously we’re relying on people doing the right thing here, and only applying for toilet rolls if you’re in need. Please help support others by being honest. It is also crucial that the items donated in this unofficial marketplace are not expensive products that donors personally need. We merely ask those individuals that have the ability to donate to please consider it, but please always consider your own situation first and do not feel pressured to donate!

It's the good stuff

Premium™ Toilet Paper

We undestand in our current world there are few things more essential than ‘cleansing down south’. So we have partnered with our very own student body to supply authentic, unopened original toilet paper to enrich your deeply meaningful lives.

With a selection of editions on offer, including succulent 2-ply and 3-ply variants, no-one will be missing out on the fun!

Choose who you are


  • Donate 2/3 ply authentic toilet paper rolls
  • Unparalleled gratitude from your beneficiary
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Option to remain anonymous
  • Great CV addition

Have a stockpile of rolls for the apocalypse and want to make someone in need eternally happy?


  • Recieve a care package of hygiene products
  • All donors vetted and compatibility-checked
  • Guaranteed privacy and security
  • Satisfaction assured
  • Premium quality products

Struggling a little bit with getting your essentials? Join the beneficiary list to be matched with a donor!

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